BJP Insurance Brokers Ltd celebrate 20 years in business

Here’s 20 good reasons why you should choose us for your insurance needs – the BJP difference!

  1. Independent

BJP Insurance Brokers Ltd is proud to be independently owned. That means we can look to access all insurer markets as we see fit, and in the best interests of our clients.

  1. Range of insurers

Precisely because we are independent, we aren’t tied to a single insurer. We work with the leading UK insurers, meaning that we have a great diversity of products and services that we use to meet our client’s particular requirements.

  1. Specialist covers

In a number of business sectors and with certain types of personal insurance products, we have extensive experience. That means years of working with clients and insurers with particular needs and products. Because of this, and our close working relationship with specialist insurers, we have been able to work with insurers developing unique products.

  1. Discounted rates

Again because of our own specialist knowledge, and our close working relationship with clients, insurers trust us to have qualified the risks facing both businesses and individuals – and therefore potentially to be able to discount rates.

  1. Cost

There is a common misconception that buying insurance from a Broker – rather than ‘going direct’ – means that you must be paying more. But as an intermediary, we are careful to ensure that we get to know our clients, and fully understand the risks that they face. Our insurer partners know that this thoroughness typically means a thorough understanding of the risk that is then reflected in the price. Where this is the case, we can pass any saving on – so it can be that using a professional broker like BJP Insurance Brokers Ltd actually saves money.

  1. Our Focused Underwriting

Shortly after establishing BJP Insurance Brokers Ltd as a core business, we set up Focus Underwriting. Working with a wide range of insurers, through Focus, we are able to provide tailored cover for a wide range of risks. Thanks to a professional and knowledgeable team, we write business for over 400 other brokers across the UK.

  1. Award winning

We are proud to be recognised by our peers as winners of the 2009 UK Brokers Award for our Commercial Lines Initiative. Whilst naturally a reflection of the quality and depth of expertise within our business, it is primarily in recognition of the fresh thinking and innovation we bring to our commercial clients.

  1. Service

We offer advice on all areas of insurance and provide a complete service. Our extensive fact finding process has set the highest professional standards in the insurance industry. We take the time and effort to understand you and your business, offering a genuine service that enables us to develop and sustain a long term relationship.

  1. Our people

BJP have been accredited Investors In People since 2004. We pride ourselves in our insurance expertise. All our client facing staff hold professional insurance qualifications – a BJP requirement. Only quality people can deliver a quality product. That’s what we sell.

  1. We’re available to talk.

There are plenty of call centres out there. There’s nothing more frustrating than hold music and being treated like a policy number, rather than as a real person. At BJP Insurance Brokers Ltd we pride ourselves on a professional, yet personal approach. You will have a dedicated account manager when you work with us.

  1. We’re multi-channel

Everyone is different. We recognize that that extends to the way you may want to do business with us. That’s why we have invested heavily in technology, ensuring you have choices when it comes to doing business with us – from face to face to online in the dead of night.

  1. Speed of service

When people think about how ‘fast’ they can sort out their insurance, they typically think about getting a quote. We endeavour to provide quotes as fast as possible – sometimes immediately over the phone, and even for more complex business requirements we aim to have quotes with you within 24 hours. But there are lots of other times when working with us can mean a faster service than going direct or using a high street provider. If you need a mid term adjustment – a new driver adding to your policy or a change of address, for example, having a dedicated account manager can mean a faster service when you need it most. And when it comes to making a claim, your account manager will deal with it quickly and efficiently.

  1. Easy to do business with – Insurance can be a hassle.

We know that the insurance industry is heavy on the small print. Trying to make sure you have all the right cover in place can be difficult. As professional, qualified insurance advisors, our team are there to help you understand the policy wording – and give you peace of mind that comes from knowing your policy has been checked and explained to you fully.

  1. Your local Broker – nationally

We work with clients up and down the country. With sector specific knowledge, and the same dedicated expertise on hand in the form of your account manager, you’ll know your point of contact by first name when you work with BJP, no matter where you are based.

  1. Personal Insurance

We are one of a rare breed – an insurance broker that has remained committed to our personal lines customers. Despite the advent of ‘on-line’ services for products like home and car insurance, we’re proud that our account managers can still offer a whole range of products at competitive rates – and the all important professional assessment and advice that helps ensure you’re adequately protected.

  1. Commercial Insurance

We have been working with businesses of all sizes and all over the country, arranging business insurance. In many cases we’ve had clients with us from the start – a testament to our trusted advisor status.

  1. Flexible – pricing and product

No two policies need to be the same. No matter whether you are a private client needing tailored home insurance, or run a large Limited company with a range of specific covers and indemnity limits, we can help. As a broker, our job is to help you get the right cover in place without paying for things you simply don’t need. Similarly, as you’d expect, we can be flexible in the way that you pay for your policy, either as a one off or in monthly instalments.

  1. Health and safety

Health and safety goes hand in hand with insurance. Particularly for businesses, having good, well documented Health and Safety policies and procedures in place not only reduces the risk of accidents and mishaps (as well as resulting claims) but may lead to a reduction to your annual premium in the first place. We offer a full Health and Safety audit and assessment service.

  1. Legal and Tax advice

We offer policies that provide a dedicated Legal and Tax Advice service covering a whole range of topics. The service includes:

– A dedicated 24/7 helpline

– Counselling assistance

– Draft business and personal legal documents on-line.

  1. Claim management

Naturally, the true test of your insurance policy and the service of the provider comes to the fore when the worse does happen. Having to make a claim means something has gone wrong and it can be an extremely stressful time. Your account manager offers a dedicated claims support service, working on your behalf and negotiating the best possible settlement for you with the insurer, and as quickly as possible.