Having the right D&O cover in place is now more important than ever.

As businesses face increasing and unique challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Directors of Limited Companies are under closer scrutiny than ever – Heightening the risk of potential claims and litigation.

What does Directors and Officers Insurance do?

Directors and Officers will offer legal protection to Directors, Officers, Managers and Supervisors should they be personally litigated for something that has happened at work. Don’t labour under the common misconception that as a Director of a Limited Company, you can’t be pursued personally – you can.

These covers are essential during this time as it can include cover for legal disputes between shareholders if the company has financial concerns.

Cover can also be extended for other areas of concern. For example, during this pandemic Employment Practise Liability Cover can be very important. This covers employment related legal disputes including redundancies, hiring procedures and employment disputes like misconduct cases.

Others areas where the cover can be relevant are:-

  • Corporate Liability / Entity Cover, this covers the businesses legal expenses. Entity Cover is taken out to protect your company in case proceedings are brought against the Company rather than individual Directors and Officers
  • Pension Trustee Cover, this offers cover to the persons/s in charge of the company pension. In offers them legal cover should someone raise a dispute with how their pension has been handled internally
  • Crime cover, this can be added to most D&O policies and cover the physical loss of money following a cyber type attack, including invoicing fraud.

If you do not have this cover, we strongly recommend it and suggest you call your account handler to discuss.

If you have this cover and wish to discuss increasing or adding on the extra extensions, please call your account handler immediately.