More than just an insurance broker

Pound-for-pound, we make your insurance cover work harder for you. And that’s not just due to our personalised approach securing the most appropriate levels of protection for your business.

It’s also due to the unrivalled free services we offer our clients.

Free, dedicated, 24/7 legal and tax helpline

Many of our clients are SME businesses, that have the potential to be exposed to a range of legal, tax, and HR issues.

However, few SMEs are large enough to have their own legal or HR departments, and we all know how expensive solicitors and lawyers can be.

We therefore decided to offer a range of additional, free services to assist our clients with any legal, tax, or HR issues they may experience in the course of their business.

Our clients have access to a free, 24/7 helpline through which they can speak directly to a legally-qualified expert, who can advise on a range of legal and tax matters, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Business advice
  • Debt recovery
  • Employment
  • Disaster recovery & insolvency
  • Property
  • Planning & the environment
  • Tax disputes
  • Counselling assistance

This value-add is another way in which we strive to deliver outstanding ongoing service and support to our clients, and is one of the reasons we retain more clients year-on-year than our competitors.

Alongside our bespoke insurance brokerage service, our free legal helpline helps to provide our clients with all the tools they need to make sure their business is fully protected.

For high-quality assistance from qualified insurance professionals, contact us today