Free Risk Management Support for You and Your Business

BJP is more than just an insurance broker. We actively help our clients to assess, review and manage the risks associated with their business – we have developed a range of solutions to help.

Whether you are premises-based, site-based, a mobile business or a combination of these, we have risk management support for you to help you understand your business risks to get better value from your insurance package.

From start-up businesses to more experienced firms and individuals, we want to help you improve your risk profile, protect your business and investments and obtain the best insurance terms possible. 

Property Risk Audit

As a property owner, landlord or manager there are serious consequences to not managing the risk of fire to your premises.

There are new and onerous legal responsibilities around risk assessment and fire evacuation procedures. Recent major fire events have opened up issues around building construction, fire safety responsibilities and concerns around cladding in particular.

To support BJP clients, we have developed a property risk assessment audit that will help you better understand the risks to your property, where potential gaps are, and where necessary, have access to advice and guidance from our expert partners.

Site Risk Audit

For clients with site-based activities, we have developed a unique online safety audit and management solution that provides a rapid assessment of your compliance with safety law and best practice.

This site is particularly relevant to clients who are involved in site-based construction, security, engineering, installation or manufacturing activities. 

Our site risk audit allows unlimited usage, offering supreme value. It enables you to focus your training and any onsite consultancy on the areas that need action.

Assessments can be site or project specific, or to assess your overall site safety systems, or both.

Each risk element is scored and you get an instant report benchmarking how well you are performing across the 15 key areas of concern and we give you instant advice and support on how to improve.

Fleet Risk Audit

Fleet risk management should be more than just employee document checking and training.

For example, are the appropriate driver and driving policies in place? Is there advice available for your drivers? What happens if someone has an accident? What else do you have to consider?

We will help you build the foundations of an effective fleet risk management process. Our fleet self-assessment audit consists of a set of risk weighted questions that will enable you to benchmark the safety and risk exposure of your fleet and identify issues to be resolved.

All our risk audits provide you with a report of your results so you can look to build resilience around your risk management activity to improve your overall risk profile and get better value from your insurance package.

Contact your account manager to discuss how to access our risk audits.