Contract Risk Review Services

When presented with a contract or agreement to sign, it is critical to ensure it covers exactly what you need it to and that it shields you and your business from any unacceptable risks.

Even if you are confident that a contract presented to you includes all the terms you need, you will want to have assurance that it is fair, unambiguous and compliant with current law. Signing a poorly drafted or defined agreement can often result in extra costs to your business and a risk of disputes that can be costly to resolve.

We are working with a dual-legal qualified contract review specialist who offer an affordable review of your contracts and exposures.

Our approved partner provides:

  • Specialist dual-legal knowledge
  • Contractual and commercial expertise
  • Plain English advice
  • Measures to minimise onerous contract terms and liabilities
  • Confidence before you commit to contract
  • Improve your own contractual and commercial awareness
  • Advice to mitigate business risk

All you have to do is a simple onboarding process so our partner understands you and your business needs. Most contract risk reviews can be completed in a matter of days for a fixed fee to give you the peace of mind and reassurance to trade more confidently.

Please ask your Account Manager for further details of our partner contract risk specialist.