Horsebox Insurance

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  • Cover for a wide range of businesses

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We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Horsebox Insurance

  • Free, no obligation quotes

  • Cover for wide range of businesses

  • Choose the type of cover you need

We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Horsebox Insurance

Are you looking for a competitive horsebox insurance quote? At BJP Insurance Brokers, we have a number of comprehensive and specialist insurance schemes that could help save you money.

What does Horsebox Insurance cover?

We offer many types of horsebox insurance and trailer insurance cover, these include:

  • Horsebox insurance
  • Horse trailer insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Discounted cover for limited mileage
  • Multiple driver cover
  • Cover for those 25 years and over

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Horsebox Insurance

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Horsebox Insurance sorted?

There are certain considerations and points to remember when driving a horsebox or trailer on the roads. Be careful and be aware of the following:

Are you covered by your driving licence?

If you passed your driving test prior to 1997, you are permitted to tow a trailer behind your vehicle without taking a further test. This law also applies for driving a horse box. However, it may be worth taking a few lessons driving a horsebox or driving with a trailer attached, so that you can gain valuable experience.

Tyre Pressures

It is important to ensure that the tyre pressure on both a trailer and a towing vehicle are at the right level. Remember though that tyre pressure may need to change depending on the weight of the load you are towing or transporting and that it is different from regular driving tyre pressures.

Whilst you are doing this ensure that the tread depth on your tyres is sufficient and legal. You should change the tyres on a trailer every four to five years, regardless of the depth of tread that is left on them or use of the vehicle. Additionally, the tyres tread should be double checked every time you set off.

Double checks

It is important to ensure you double check several things. These include checking your towing vehicle has sufficient capacity for the load you will be transporting, checking that your lights are working properly and checking that your trailer’s connection to your vehicle is safe and secure. For security, you should also check the safety chain is in position.

Drive Carefully

Driving at a sensible speed is important when towing or driving a horsebox. Driving five miles per hour lower than the speed limit is recommended, as this will increase your stopping time. You should also avoid excessive breaking or sharp acceleration; remember you are driving with one of your most precious possessions behind you.

When you are driving, ensure that you indicate early, and take care when turning left at junctions to ensure the safety of cyclists and motorcyclists on the near side.

Make sure you are covered

It is very important that you ensure that you are sufficiently covered when driving a horsebox or towing a trailer.

Be sure to double check your emergency breakdown cover for your vehicle and the trailer you will be towing. Breaking down on the motorway and having an unsettled horse stuck in a trailer or horsebox can be extremely upsetting.

Loading Horses

When transporting a single horse, make sure that it is loaded onto the trailer on the driver’s side of the vehicle. While if you are transporting two horses, make sure that the heavier of the two is loaded onto the driver’s side. You should also make sure that no debris or equipment is loose in the trailer with your horse, as this could distress or injure the horse whilst in transit.

Your Journey

Be sure to give yourself extra time when transporting horses, by doing this you will be able to regularly stop to check that they are safe and secure, and to give water and food if necessary.

If possible, it is also a great idea to install a small camera in your trailer or horsebox so that you can keep an eye on your horse whilst on the move.

Finally, after all that, try to enjoy the experience!

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