Agricultural Contractors Insurance

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We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Agricultural Contractors Insurance

  • Free, no obligation quotes

  • Cover for wide range of businesses

  • Choose the type of cover you need

We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Agricultural Contractors and Engineers Insurance

As an agricultural contractor or engineer we appreciate how demanding and pressurised your role can be.

At BJP Insurance Brokers, we consider it our job to make sure you have the best Agricultural Contracting Insurance in place to allow you to perform your job with confidence and complete peace of mind.

Agricultural Contractors and Engineers cover at a glance:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Tools and equipment cover
  • Personal accident insurance

To obtain an Agricultural Contracting or Agricultural Engineers Insurance quote, or to seek advice, please contact us on 0345 365 2121 . We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Who needs Agricultural Contracting and Agricultural Engineers Insurance?

Agricultural Contracting Insurance is for those people contracted to work within the agricultural industry.

This might be as an extra pair of hands, for example, as a fruit picker or vegetable picker, or as a specialist contractor in farm engineering when plant and machinery needs to be serviced or repaired.

Agricultural Contracting Insurance can in fact cover a vast number of roles. Some of the agri contractors we’ve worked with include those working in relief milking, farm engineering, as sheep shearing contractors, and as cattle foot trimmers, to name just a few.

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Agricultural Contractors and engineers insurance

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What is Agricultural Engineers and Agricultural Contracting Insurance?

Agricultural engineers and farming contractors work on other people’s property, quite often with tools and equipment that have the potential to cause injury or damage.

Agricultural Engineers’ and Agricultural Contracting Insurance will protect you from the many day-to-day risks you’re exposed to while working at a clients’ farm, with the appropriate cover to help mitigate your financial losses should an accident happen.

This type of insurance can include a number of different types of cover, including: public liability, employers’ liability, tools cover, and personal accident insurance.

Employers’ liability insurance for agricultural engineers and farming contractors

Farming contractors will often employ others to assist with their business. If this is the case, you’ll need to have employers’ liability insurance. This is a legal obligation, even if you’re only employing temporary or casual workers.

In the event that one of your team has an accident, for example, they trap their hand in a piece of heavy farming equipment and are unable to work, they could make a claim against you for the injury, losses and damages they’ve suffered. Your employers’ liability insurance will cushion you from the cost of compensation and legal costs.

Public liability insurance for agricultural contracting

Farm contracting insurance should also include public liability cover.

This will protect you should a client or a member of the public claim to have suffered a loss or injury, or incur damage, as a result of your business activity. For example, a visitor to the farm trips over your sheep shearing cable and breaks their arm.

Your public liability insurance works to protect you from financial losses by covering compensation claims or legal costs.

What additional cover do I need for Agricultural Contracting?

In addition to employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance, we can arrange optional extras, such as cover for your tools, and personal accident insurance.

Tools cover

We understand how critical your tools are to your livelihood, and the impact their loss, damage, or theft would have on your ability to earn a living. Not to mention the cost of replacing them out of your own pocket.

Including tools cover in your Agricultural Contracting Insurance policy provides peace of mind that replacement can be arranged quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Personal accident 

If you, or any named person on your policy, suffers an accident, illness, or injury, it could have a major impact on your business.

Personal accident works to mitigate your financial losses, helping to keep your business going during tough times.

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Why compare Agricultural Contracting and Engineers’ Insurance quotes with BJP?

BJP Insurance Brokers has been providing quality insurance to businesses in the agricultural sector for years.

We’re experienced in arranging insurance policies for both agricultural engineers and those who work in agricultural contracting. We operate across the UK and provide a personalised service born of our philosophy that no two businesses are quite the same.

There are many advantages to buying your insurance through BJP:

  • We have extensive knowledge of the different Agricultural Contracting and Engineers’ Insurance policies on offer, and the expertise to provide you with a policy that suits your needs.
  • We navigate the finer points of policy wording and help explain exclusions so that you are well informed before purchasing your business insurance.
  • Our well-established relationships with high-quality insurers mean we can offer you the right policy at the right price.

To receive a quote, or to seek advice from one of our insurance, please complete the enquiry form and we’ll be glad to assist you. An adviser will contact you within a working day to discuss your requirements. Or you can call us on 0345 365 2121 to obtain further information or for a full quotation to suit your needs.