Agricultural Consultants Insurance

  • Free, no obligation quotes

  • Protection from cost of loss of crops or livestock

  • Cover for agricultural vehicles

We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Agricultural Consultants Insurance

  • Free, no obligation quotes

  • Protection from cost of loss of crops or livestock

  • Cover for agricultural vehicles

We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Agricultural Consultants Insurance

Your role sees you face unique and varied challenges every day. To that end, it can feel overwhelming to know what type of Agricultural Consultant insurance is best suited for your needs.

At BJP Insurance Brokers, our experienced team can create a tailored policy to include the right type of cover with appropriate levels of indemnity for your business.

To obtain an Agricultural Consultant Insurance quote, or to seek advice, please contact us on 0345 365 2121. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Agricultural Consultant cover at a glance:

  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Legal expenses

Who needs Agricultural Consultant Insurance?

Agricultural Consultant Insurance is designed for those working as technical consultants or business consultants within the agricultural community.

As an agricultural consultant, we understand you’re expected to wear many different hats all at once. From providing specialist advice on livestock and crop disease, to soil improvement, personnel management, to business planning and legislative advice, you’re exposed to many different liabilities in the course of your work.

Even with your level of experience, mistakes and accidents can happen. An Agricultural Consultant Insurance policy provides peace of mind that you and your business are protected from the risks you’re exposed to, with the appropriate level of cover for your requirements.

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Agricultural consultants insurance

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What is Agricultural Consultant Insurance?

Your role as an agricultural consultant sees you give professional advice and recommendations to businesses who rely on your specialist knowledge to help them use and manage their agricultural land.

If a client makes a claim against you for loss, injury, or damages, caused by your professional negligence, your Agricultural Consultant Insurance will help to mitigate your financial losses.

This type of insurance can include a number of different types of cover, but the backbone of an Agricultural Consultant Insurance policy is professional indemnity (PI) insurance.

Agricultural consultant professional indemnity cover

If a client believes that a breach in your professional duty has caused their business financial or trading loss, you could be held liable for those losses and any associated damages.

For example, a disease has spread through a farmer’s livestock, infecting several animals that need to be put down. The farmer believes this is due to your negligence in failing to recommend the appropriate preventative measures and makes a claim against you.

Professional Indemnity Insurance will protect you and/or your business against the cost of financial losses, legal action, and compensation payments.

The level of indemnity can be tailored to your needs. Our brokers will discuss your requirements to make sure your cover is sufficient for the risks you’re exposed to.

What additional cover might an Agricultural Consultant need?

In addition to PI insurance, you will need to consider employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance, and legal expenses cover for your agriculture consulting services.

Employers’ liability insurance for farming consultants

If you employ anyone else in your business, you’re obligated by UK law to have employers’ liability insurance.

This cover will protect you in the event an employee suffers an injury or falls ill during the course of their work for you and makes a claim against you. Your employers’ liability insurance will cushion you from the cost of compensation and legal costs.

Public liability insurance for Agricultural Consultants

Public liability insurance for agricultural consultants forms another important part of your policy.

This will provide cover should a client or a member of the public claim to have suffered a loss or injury, or incur damage, as a result of your business activity. Your policy can provide cover for your activities at your own place of business and/or a clients’ premises.

Legal expenses insurance

If you were faced with legal costs, could you afford legal representation out of your own pocket? Legal expenses insurance could help to cover the cost of a claim, defence, and compensation should you require it.

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Why compare Agricultural Consultant quotes with BJP?

BJP Insurance Brokers has been providing quality agriculture business insurance for years. We operate across the UK and provide a personalised service born of our philosophy that no two businesses are quite the same.

We’re experienced in arranging insurance policies for individuals and businesses within the agriculture business, including: agricultural and farming consultants, those in agribusiness consulting, those in small farm consulting, agricultural planning consultants, and more.

There are many advantages to buying your insurance through BJP:

  • We have extensive knowledge of the different Agricultural Consultant Insurance policies on offer, and the expertise to provide you with a policy that suits your needs.
  • We navigate the finer details of policies and help explain exclusions so that you are well informed before purchasing your business insurance.
  • Our well-established relationships with high-quality insurers mean we can offer you the right policy at the right price.

To receive a quote, or to seek advice from one of our insurance advisers about Agricultural Consultants’ Insurance, please complete the enquiry form and we’ll be glad to assist you. An adviser will contact you within a working day to discuss your requirements. Or you can call us on 0345 365 2121 to obtain further information or for a full quotation to suit your needs.