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Combined Personal Insurance for Private Clients

Life is complicated enough, without having to deal with multiple insurance policies for your home, cars, travel and personal items. In today’s fast moving world, it’s all to easy to miss a renewal date, or overlook cover for personal possessions away from home.

Wouldn’t life be better if you just had 1 friendly contact, 1 renewal date and 1 policy for everything?

Our new innovative insurance product 1Policy can insure your Main Dwelling, family car or cars, Investment Properties, your Worldwide Travel and Pets, all under 1Policy with 1 renewal date, 1 contact number and 1 claims line.

1Policy is a refreshingly straightforward Private Client insurance policy that provides robust cover across the board, while remaining flexible enough that you don’t pay for anything you may not need.

  • Unlimited Buildings cover
  • Unlimited Contents cover, insured anywhere in the World.
  • Option to insure specified valuables insured separately, again with World-wide cover.
  • Home breakdown cover is included as standard.
  • Home Legal is included as standard.
  • Car breakdown cover can be included as standard

Going beyond a standard personal insurance policy, 1Policy allows increased flexibility to reflect your needs:

  • Include not only your home, but also investment properties, holiday homes, multiple vehicles and even your pets under 1Policy, with a single renewal date.
  • Choose to pay upfront, or in monthly installments with no interest.
  • Benefit from earning no claims discount on all individual vehicles, even where the main driver is different.
  • Add vehicles or property mid term, but keep the same single renewal date.

Warranty Free!

Many insurers have provisos or warranties on settling claims and if you don’t abide by these they might not pay out.

All insurers expect a policyholder to apply the utmost level of duty of care when securing & locking up their properties and vehicles, but on rare occasions genuine errors may occur!

Our policy is Warranty Free, so all genuine claims are paid out without question or dispute.

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1Policy Private Client insurance

Bespoke combined personal insurance designed around you

Private Client Home Insurance – What’s covered

Designed to meet the needs of customers who wish to cover their:

  • Home and contents against loss or damage
  • Claims against them for their liability to others
  • Cover for legal costs in the event of a dispute
  • Cover for the costs of dealing with home emergencies.

Private Client Home Insurance

Do you really know the actual re-build valuation of your home, including Demolition costs, debris removal, Planning and Architect fees etc? There is a considerable amount of Home Owners who do not and risk the chance of being under-insured which in turn means that claims can be refused or reduced due to under-insurance.

1Policy offers:

  • Unlimited buildings cover
  • Legal Expenses Cover
  • Home Emergency Cover up to £1,500 any one loss as standard

Do you really know how to value your overall contents and personal possessions within the home? Most people do not which again could mean you maybe under insured. 1Policy offers unlimited contents & personal possessions cover, and not only this, the cover is worldwide with no limits.

Private Client Home Contents Insurance

Valuables! How much are they worth? 1Policy allows you to insure any amount you require and you only need to specify any valuables with an individual value of over £20,000.

Home Family

Providing protection to you and your family in a range of circumstances that may lead to legal costs being incurred. From employment and contractual disputes, property disputes, personal injury and clinical negligence, legal costs can soon add up.

Home Emergency

Things go wrong in even the best maintained homes. And it’s rarely at a convenient time. Home emergency cover pays for the costs of a contractor to come to your home to make emergency repairs. We cover the contractor’s charges and the costs of parts and materials.

Private Client Motor Insurance

1Policy provides quality private motor insurance. Comprehensive cover in the event of loss of or damage to your vehicle and claims arising from the ownership or use of your vehicle. Cover includes:

  • 1Policy includes agreed values on all vehicles, so in the event of a total loss, the full amount will be paid.
  • 1Policy includes Protected No claims Bonus.
  • 1Policy can include all family cars regardless of ownership (as long as you reside at the main dwelling) and each individual will always earn their own No Claims Bonus.

Motor Breakdown Cover

Motor breakdown insurance cover is included on 1Policy, including European cover.

Investment Property Insurance

1Policy can include any investment properties – again Warranty free.

  • Including Buildings and contents insurance
  • Landlord’s Legal Indemnity protection
  • Landlord’s Home Emergency cover

Travel Insurance

We can include Annual Worldwide Travel including Winter Sports cover. So, whether you are relaxing on Bondi beach or skiing in Aspen 1Policy has you covered.

Pet Insurance

We know you love your pet or pets, so you can include Pet Insurance as part of your 1Policy.

1Policy covers:

  • Vets fees, including emergency boarding fees
  • Advertising and reward costs, the cost price paid if stolen, strays or dies as a direct result of an accident or illness
  • Euthanasia, cremation or burial cost as a direct result of an accident or illness
  • Cover during a journey to Europe
  • Liability to another person for bodily injury or property damage

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1Policy is a new and innovative way to insure the things that matter to you, all in 1 easy place.

Starting your 1Policy cover couldn’t be easier, your 1Policy can start when your first policy falls due for renewal and the remaining policies can then be included mid-term throughout the year until such time that all policies are included and you have 1Policy, 1 renewal date and 1 interest free monthly payment.

To receive a quote, or to seek advice from one of our insurance advisers about 1Policy, please complete the enquiry form and we’ll be glad to assist you. An adviser will contact you within a working day to discuss your requirements. Or you can call us on 01865 88 44 44 to obtain further information or for a full quotation to suit your needs.